Strategic decisions faster

vencortex empowers businesses to accelerate their strategic growth performance by combining human intuition with insights from data.

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An uncertain world requires an entirely new way of making decisions

vencortex's AI-powered Decision OS is giving business leaders the required insights to take optimal strategic actions at any time by combining human intuition with insights from data.ç

Combine organizational knowledge from data and people

Combine all your data, customer feedback, and employee knowledge in a single platform. vencortex´ integrates the systems you already use and unlocks the value of your data.

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Transform data into actionable insights

Turn your data into actionable insights and build your future competitive advantage with unique organizational knowledge and continuous learning.

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Augment your decisions with advanced analytics

Make better decisions faster with high-performing, transparent, interpretable, and actionable insights visualized on a dashboard.

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Manage business performance across your entire organization

Turn this intelligence into meaningful action across every part of the business and make sure that your decisions have the right impact every time.

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An AI-powered OS for strategic growth designed for every business

vencortex empowers businesses of any size to accelerate the performance of their business model in an uncertain world.


Pivot your business model towards success with all the insights you need to take the right action at the right time.

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Drive the performance of your business model by bringing the power of AI to any strategic decision.

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Venture Capital

De-risk your investment decisions and outlearn your competitors to maximize the returns for your funds.

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Create valuable, unique, and AI-powered insights to help your clients accelerating their business model performance.

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A new class of technology to power real-time strategy

Every component of our AI-powered OS is geared towards maximizing the performance of your strategic growth initiatives.

Decision Solutions

Augment strategic decisions that drive your future performance and foster organizational learning instead of one-time understanding.

Decision Intelligence Engine
Hybrid Intelligence® Engine
Decision Core

Transform data in actionable insights with advanced AI to understand the cause, effect, and mechanics of your organization.

Data Management

Combine relevant (un-) structured data, expert knowledge, customer insights, and external data to model your business.

Unlock your strategic growth potential

vencortex brings the power of AI-powered strategic decisions to business executives for managing performance across the entire organization.

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Distr@l Project DeepFeat

vencortex® - Embedding Learning with Multi-Modal Data

vencortex is excited to announce that our team received another grant funding for R&D of our decision augmentation technology by the Hesse Distr@l grant

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The Rise of Intelligent Enterprise Automation

OpenOcean, UI Path, vencortex on hyper-automation and why anything that can be intelligently automated, will be.


Hybrid Intelligence for the Data-driven Enterprise

The data-driven enterprise is one of the most disruptive trend. The phenomenon is fueled by new technological developments in the field of AI to automate and augment decision-making processes.