Use data to build your startup

Use data to build better startups faster with the world's first AI-powered decision platform for startups

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Transform how you build and launch your startup

Data-driven decisions are no longer reserved for large enterprises with huge teams of analysts. Secure competitive advantages for your venture and outgrow your competition

    Stop waisting resources

    Understand what your customers want and which business model will be successfull to build and scale your venture.

    Be faster

    Make fater decisions and be more confident in your actions to outlearn your competition.

    Be more successfull

    Make data the core behind every decision you make and let the data speak for you to raise money faster.

Use AI to build better ventures faster

Build, measure, learn and prove your performance to outgrow your competition

  • Manage all of your data on a single platform

    Stop writing business plans or waisting hours on excel calculations. vencortex gives you all the tools you need to manage your relevant data in a single place.

  • Measure the results of your decisions in real-time

    Analyze all your relevant metrics and KPIs in real-time and automatically to always know how your startup is performing and benchmark yourself with the market.

  • Learn how to make the right actions at the right time

    Leverage data as the key driver behind the decisions you make and augment your intuition with insights.

  • Prove and monitor the performance of your startup

    Monitor how your venture is growing and report your performance to relevant stakeholders such as investors to prove that you are on the right way.

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