Manage your company for strategic growth

Make better strategic decisions faster by combining customer insights, expert knowledge, and operational data.

vencortex AI-powered OS for corporate development assists managers to anticipate needs, predict future opportunities, and manage their companies for strategic growth.

    Make better decisions faster

    Empower your employees with actionable and context-specific insights to always know the specific steps to take next.

    Get more value out of your data

    collect and connect data that was previously siloed and recognize unseen patterns in even unstructured data on a single platform.

    Accelerate time to value

    Increase the speed to combine data and transform it into actionable insights from days to seconds and empower your team to focus more time and resources on strategic activities.

    Turn insights into growth

    Understand the effects of every decision across the entire company and manage performance on a single source of truth.

Drive strategic growth performance to achieve world-class results

  • Combine
    Data Aggregation
  • Transform
    Automated Insights
  • Augment
    Decision Augmentation
  • Manage
    Performance Management
Data Aggregation

Combine relevant organizational knowledge - from any source and in any format and structure to collect and connect data that was previously siloed and recognize unseen patterns in even unstructured data on a single platform.

Access operational data from the systems you are already using

Break down silos and integrate data from enterprise systems such as CRM, HRM, ERP, web analytics, and third-party data provider through standardized APIs.

Extract knowledge from customer insights

Understand and predict exactly what your customers want by integrating unique insights into your decisions- either through third-party applications or our integrated tools.

Integrate unstructured expert knowledge

Seamlessly integrate the expert knowledge of your employees. Our solution supports business users during their workflows and empowers analysts to focus more time on higher-value activities.

Integrate external data such as social media or the web

Listen and understand customer needs on social media channels or sense opportunities risks, and market trends by monitoring the web to deliver powerful business performance.

Automated Insights

Transform data into actionable insights to understand the cause, effect, and mechanics of your business and simulate even the most uncertain business problems to reduce time to insights from days to seconds.

Actively collect knowledge from domain experts and business users

Create new insights that do not exist until now through experimentation and interaction with customers and actively ask for expert input whenever needed.

Transform the way people interact with data into conversational experiences

Provide managers with an automated transformation of unstructured data into insights to support even the most complex decisions without the need for data science skills.

Automate continuous experimentation and learning

Get unique insights with pre-trained AI models, which continuously learn and improve personalized through your unique access to data and knowledge.

Build your competitive advantage with personalized enterprise intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition by making most of your data, customer insights, and employee knowledge and accelerate organizational learning.

Decision Augmentation

Make better strategic decisions faster and always know which specific action to take next to foster organizational learning instead of one-time understanding.

Get actionale insights with advanced analytics

Get detailed insights on what happened and why (Diagnostic Analytics), what will happen next (Predictive Analytics), and benefit from actionable recommendations on what should be done about it (Prescriptive Analytics).

Simulate the impact of potential options

Simulate the effects of decisions to use scarce resources for maximum impact and bring simulation technologies to the complex and uncertain business world to understand the impact of every decision.

Understand the value of every decision

Empower executives to finance projects without being able to assess the ROI in advance. Get estimates for even the most uncertain projects and value every single uncertain decision.

Understand the rationale behind every decision

Get transparent explanations and make even the most sophisticated models understandable to open up the AI black-box. Turn insights into action with explainable AI technologies.

Performance Management

Gain insights into every part of the organization and manage performance enterprise-wide to respond faster to changes in the market and drive growth in a world of disruption.

Standardize KPIs across the organization

Create and implement a set of KPIs that are suitable for the uncertainty, complexity and speed of the 2021s to create a shared understanding between business units and functions.

Align your decisions with strategic goals

Make sure that your decisions have the intended impact everytime and across the entire company to focus your actions towards achieving all of your strategic goals.

Establish data-driven and enterprise-wide reporting

Measure, track, and report the performance of your decisions in real-time and manage your strategic and high-value decisions holistically. Get full transparency to make sure that your actions have the intended impact every time.

Benchmark your performance with the industry

Monitor the performance achieved across historical decisions, business units, or your competition. Bring your performance in a context to identify gaps in your organization and gain your competitive advantage.

Accelerate strategic growth performance across the entire organization

Customer Discovery & Validation
Business Model Development
Due Diligence
Ecosystem & Partner Management
Portfolio Management
Risk Management
Team Staffing & HR Performance
Deal-Flow Management & Supplier Sourcing
Project Investment & Valuation

Enterprise-grade data security and compliance

  • Regulation and compliance

    The access to the Decision Performance Suite is protected via encryption and secure passwords. Sensitive data can be anonymized, and it is possible to assign user-specific data access by defining authorization objects individually. Vencortex is 100% compliant with GDPR regulations.

  • Software made and hosted in Germany.

    All of our software and AI technology are developed, hosted, and maintained in Germany. Vencortex is offering best-in-class software quality and security.

  • AI safety and fairness

    Vencortex actively works on approaches to transparency and Explainable AI to mitigate biases in data and accelerate fairness.

  • Federated learning

    Federated learning is a type of remote execution wherein our models are sent to your enterprise IT structure for local training to eliminate the need to store your sensitive training data on our servers.

Security features

At Vencortex, we are committed to the highest level of transparency, trust, and regulatory compliance. We dedicate special attention to information security and corporate governance at every level of the organization to keep your data safe at any time.

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Load balancing
  • Data loss prevention
  • Containerization of data in transit and at rest
  • Multilayer approach
  • Federated learning
  • ISO 27001 cloud data centers security