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Accelerate the performance of your strategic investments

vencortex AI-powered decision platform empowers CVCs to augment their intuition with insights and de-risk every decisions.

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Become an AI-powered CVC

The next generation of corporate VCs is AI-powered. Secure competitive advantages for your portfolio and transform the way you create value for your company

    Work more efficiently

    Increase the speed to get actionable insights from days to seconds and empower your analysts to focus more time and resources on strategic activities.

    Make better decisions

    Continuous real-time analysis gives every manager the insights to take the right actions at the right time and can make better decisions.

    Manage your portfolio more proactively

    360-degree visibility into real-time performance, empowers you to understand the effects of every decision across the entire portfolio.

Become an AI-powered CVC

  • Accelerate your deal-flow management

    Automate processes and distribute tasks among your analysts to drive process excellence in your deal-flow management without requiring to go through every single pitch deck.

  • De-risk due diligence

    vencortex automated due diligence analytics work alongside your team to minimize the risk of missing out on the next unicorn and empowerss you to allocate scarce resources for maximum impact.

  • Unleash the power of data for valuation and risk analysis

    Leverage data as the key driver behind the decisions you make and augment your intuition with insights and not on best guesses.

  • Manage your portfolio in real-time

    Manage your investment portfolio with real-time analytics, AI-powered recommendations, benchmarking and seamless performance monitoring and reporting.

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