Transform the way you create customer value

vencortex assists consultants to combine customer insights, expert knowledge, and operational data to deliver exceptional experience for their clients.

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It's time to be an AI-powered consultant

Automate the lengthy, costly, and error-prone data analysis tasks in your consulting engagements and create valuable, unique, and AI-powered insights.

    Work more efficiently

    Empower your teams to focus more time and resources on strategic activities.

    Create new revenue streams

    Create new business opportunities with scalable and AI-powered insights for your clients.

    Increase your profit margin

    Reduce the time your teams need to create value for your clients from days to seconds.

Become a consultant of the 2020s

Automate the lengthy, costly, and error-prone data analysis tasks in your consulting engagements and leverage new opportunities.

  • Transform the way you create value for your clients

    Accelerate the time you need to deliver insights to your clients and guide them on their journey to become an AI-powered company.

  • Provide unique insights

    Offer your clients unique services and give executives the real-time insights they need to take the right actions at the right time and empower your teams with all the tools needed to uncover uncertainty and the why behind your clients' KPIs.

  • On-demand licenses and flexibility

    Stay flexible with the vencortex project-based licensing model that allows you to access to our services on-demand to create new revenue streams, win additional customer projects, and secure a unique advantage by reselling our AI-powered insights to your clients.

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The AI-powered OS for Corporate

One platform, everything you need to transform uncertainty into business results

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Ecosystem Scan
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Market Validation
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Dealflow Management
vencortex | Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
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Due Diligence
vencortex | Strategic Valuation
Strategic Valuation
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Portfolio Management