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Optimize business outcomes that matter

The vencortex decision platform gives executives all the real-time insights they need to take the right actions at the right time.

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AI-powerted decision augmentation use cases

See how vencortex empowers you to make better strategic decisions faster in various use cases, industries, and departments across the enterprise.

    Business analysts work more efficiently

    by increasing the speed to get actionable insights from days to seconds and focusing more time on judgement tasks.

    Managers make better decisions faster

    by continuously getting real-time insights to take the right actions at the right time.

    Executives steer more proactively

    by gaining 360-degree visibility into real-time performance and understanding the effects of every decision across the entire company.

The AI-powered OS for Corporate Development

One platform, everything you need to transform uncertainty into business results

vencortex | Ecosystem Scan
Ecosystem Scan
vencortex | Market Validation
Market Validation
vencortex | Dealflow Management
Dealflow Management
vencortex | Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring
vencortex | Due Diligence
Due Diligence
vencortex | Strategic Valuation
Strategic Valuation
vencortex | Portfolio Diagnosing
Portfolio Management

Meet our products

Our products are profoundly improving how the world makes decisions and interacts with data - for analysts, managers, executives, and every business decision-maker in the intelligent enterprise.


Make better decisions faster with the world’s first AI-powered solution for startups to start and grow your business.

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Empower executives with insights to augment their intuition and become an AI-powered organization

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Venture capital

De-risk your investment decisions and outlearn your competitors to maximize the returns for your LPs

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Accelerate how you create valuable, unique, and AI-powered insights for your clients.

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