About us

We revolutionize strategic decision-making

We empower businesses like yours to achieve strategic growth breakthroughs by combining human intuition with insights from data.

vencortex® | About us

Our mission

Transforming uncertainty into business performance

vencortex AI-powered OS for strategic decisions liberates your business from uncertainty and empowers executives to drive growth in the age of digital transformation by combining human intuition with insights from data.
Our applications assist businesses of all sizes to anticipate needs, predict future opportunities, and accelerate organizational learning to make better strategic decisions that keep them ahead of the competition.

A new class of technology built for an uncertain world

Every component of our AI-powered OS is geared towards maximizing the performance of your business.

Decision Solutions

Augment strategic decisions that drive your future performance and foster organizational learning instead of one-time understanding.

Decision Intelligence Engine
Hybrid Intelligence® Engine
Decision Core

Transform data in actionable insights with advanced AI to understand the cause, effect, and mechanics of your organization.

Data Management

Combine relevant (un-) structured data, expert knowledge, customer insights, and external data to model your business.

Our vision

Making AI-powered decision-making accessible for everyone

We envision a world where companies combine humans and machines to solve the unsolved problems of our society and to create a better future for all. Our technology empowers managers to make more informed decisions, focus more time and resources on higher-value activities, and transforms how they interact with data into extraordinary experiences. vencortex offers a free version of our decision platform to publicly funded innovation programs to make insights available for companies of every size and to support them on their journey of creating an intelligent future.

Leadership team

Meet our team

vencortex® | Dominik Dellermann
Dr. Dominik Dellermann CEO | Founder Responsible for overall business strategy and leadership
vencortex® | Idan Shilon
Dr. Idan Shilon CTO Responsible for technology systems, processes, software design and R&D
vencortex® | Pascal Dellermann
Pascal Dellermann Head of software engineering Responsible for development of the vencortex decision platform


Advisory board

vencortex® | Janet Rafner
Janet Rafner Center for Hybrid Intelligence Director of learning
vencortex® | Dan Toma
Dan Toma Outcome An innovation thought leader and the author 'The Corporate Startup'. Co-founder of OUTCOME management consulting.
vencortex® | Karl Popp
Dr. Karl Michael Popp SAP Senior director corporate business development and ecosystem
vencortex® | Bernd Wöllner
Bernd Wöllner Capgemini Executive Vice President & Head of Sales a. D.
vencortex® | Jacob Sherson
Prof. Dr. Jacob Sherson Center for Hybrid Intelligence Founding director
vencortex® | Wojciech Drewczyński
Wojciech Drewczyński space3ac | Blackpearls VC CEO and investment director
vencortex® | Tanja Jovanovic
Dr. Tanja Jovanovic Bayern Innovativ Head of Innovation and Technology Management
vencortex® | Nikolaus Lipusch
Dr. Nikolaus Lipusch Capgemini Interims director AIE and AI for customer experience
vencortex® | Christopher Jud
Dr. Christopher Jud Kaufland Digital Senior director business technology
vencortex® | Philipp Ebel
Dr. Philipp Ebel St. Gallen University Post-doc and head of digital innovation
vencortex® | Matthias Söllner
Prof. Dr. Matthias Söllner Kassel University Chair of information systems engineering